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Every line of code and pixel counts

What we offer


Website Solutions

Motivated to create something people will woo over, we provide website solutions ranging from elegant profile websites to hefty ecommerce and customised portals

Mobile App Solutions

It is the 21st century, you are walking down the street and you need to do something. An app is the best way to deal with it and we are the best ones to offer be it iOs or Android.

Server Solutions

Who serves the best tech service? Yes it is us but apart from that? A good strong managed server. Oh and we offer it all. AWS, Azure, Digital ocean, we create & manage it all.

Security & Maintenance

You lock your doors every night before sleeping? Good so you know the importance of security. We’re here to help you a little bit more with our extensive knowledge about them.


Story behind the name

A brief introduction

It all started

When we were young

Just kidding! Some Tech Work started with the aim of providing solutions not just limited to development but also post development, ranging from server setups to security enhancements and further maintenance.

So what is the

Process of work

  • We Ideate over a coffee to understand the requirement better and deeper.
  • We innovate the idea that was discussed with you to lay down a roadmap.
  • We implement the roadmap & provide a solution that we will be proud of.

The day ‘n’ night maniacs

Meet the team

Design Guru

Jayman P.

He adds the design to the website and in short hides anything weird we coders say “looks fine”.

Technology Lead

Nikunj J.

Hobby Photographer, and he is good at it. He brings on table (along with his laptop) the strength of tech we always want.

Lead SEO expert

Ajay K.

The silent knight, and online gamer, he is the one who pins us and our clients on the mighty search engine so that one can be found.

Project Manager

Richa D.

Smart at words and quick learner, she brings on board what runs the agency – Clients. A TV series lover, she is the girl power here.

They trust us

The Amazing Clients